What is this?

This project exposes the Small Clojure Interpreter in the browser in such a way that you can use it with the script tag.

Project status

This project is still experimental and breaking changes may happen. Feedback is welcome on Github.

To use scittle on your own site, it is recommended to use the links published to the releases page.


Include scittle.js and write a script tag where type is set to application/x-scittle.

Source from file

When you have a file on your server, say cljs/script.cljs, you can load it using the src attribute:

<script src="cljs/script.cljs" type="application/x-scittle"></script>

Reagent plugin

To enable reagent, in addition to scittle.js, you need to include React and scittle.reagent.js:

Cljs-ajax plugin

To enable cljs-ajax, in addition to scittle.js, you need to include scittle.cljs-ajax.js: