clj2el: transpile clojure to elisp

The clj2el tool transpiles Clojure to Emacs Lisp. It is currently incomplete, but contributions are welcome. It is targeted at folks who know Clojure better than Emacs Lisp.

(defn foo [x & xs] xs)

(inc 2)

(map inc [1 2 3])

(let [x (rest '(1 2 3))
      y (first x)]
  [x y])

(def m {:a 1 :b 2})

(assoc m :c 3)

(get m :a)

;; destructuring:
(let [[x y] [1 2 3]]
  [x y])

(let [{:keys [x y]} {:x 1 :y 2}]
  [x y])